Rebuilding, buying & selling bronze era Stromberg Carburetors as well as most other brands of the teens & twenties.

Modern needle & seat conversions for all bronze Strombergs, Kingston 4 Ball, Zenith & others.
Vintage - Antique - Classic

Stromberg Model OF for Model T Ford,
LB-1, LB-2, OE-1, OE-2, OS-1, OS-2, OX-2, MX-2, MX-3 & others including U & J, Kingston 4 & 5 ball,
Zenith, Rayfield AND MANY MORE!  

Stan Howe
Brass Carburetors
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February 5, 2018
Here is an update to the business:
As with everyone else, I am getting older and slowing down some.  I no longer work 16 hour days and from this time on will not be working in the shop 6 or 7 days a week as I have for the last 15 years.  I plan to cut back to no more than 4 days in the shop per week, hopefully leaving at least a little time and ambition to do some other things that need doing and that I want to do.  
If you have a carburetor that you want back in time for the summer tours you need to send it in as soon as possible.  I am always behind and have some time away from the shop planned this spring to go to a couple swap meets and also to try to reseed some pastures and work on some projects that need doing.  

Note that you need to call or email me before sending any work. 406-949-3448 

Also, note that I no longer work on any stock Model T Ford carburetor newer than Holley G.  Model T carbs now consist of far less than 15% of my work and I cannot take time from those carbs to work on what many others are rebuilding such as NH's, etc.  I do often have some earlier Ford carbs in stock as I buy every one I can find and afford.  I recently sold an early Holley for the 1907 Ford NRS, two Holley 4500's, etc.  Check the inventory page or call as I seldom have time to update these pages.  

This is from earlier:  
I am back in the shop and working every day, rebuilding and selling carburetors.  I got a lot done over the winter but am ALWAYS behind.  I am working on the back log of repairs and for the most part, try to get them out in the order they came in.  This time of year I am getting a lot of work in so it will be some time before you get your carb back if you send it in.  I try to get orders out for carbs that are sold as soon as possible but have NO stock of rebuilts on the shelf ready to go, all the ones I rebuilt over the winter have already sold and either are gone or will be within a few weeks.  
New arrivals, special interest and rare carbs are on the SPECIAL CARBS FOR SALE tab, click it to see what I have. 
You can call me at 406-949-3448 or email me at  I try to answer every call as it comes in but you may have to leave me a message.  I will call you back as soon as possible and answer emails as soon as I can get a minute or two to do so.

Thank you for the support of this little one old man business.   

Thanks, Stan Howe


For permission to use photos in publications please contact me. Printed information on this site is not to be quoted in ebay ads or other sales venues without permission from me.  I have not in the past and do not not endorse any other repair facility.  

Other Carburetors

This is part of my aftermarket/accessory carburetor collection on display at the winter seminar in Hutchinson, Kansas in January 2012.  I compiled the book on the table and gave one to each attendee.  They are also available for sale.  

Below are a few of the carbs shown above and some from the book, not anywhere near all of the carbs I have in the collection.  

Above is a Carter

A Griffin

This is a Rayfield a rather odd design with a slanted flange to
 allow room for it between the frame and engine. 

A Harrington.  These have a variable ventui and run quite well.

Neverfail.  They have an interesting throttle plate that regulates
the mixture

Stokes -- never seen another one.

This is a Russell and my be a prototype or at the least, NOS.

Above is an Ensign, one of several designs they made for T's


This may actually be from a Metz but it bolts right up to the
Ford manifold. 

Triple Mix.  This would have had a tube from the exhaust
manifold bringing in heated air and heating the carb.  I have
two of these and have never been able to find anything about them

This is a Kingston with an odd adjustment set up.

One of the most interesting, a Floatless.  You pour a little gas in to get
it started the first time, then supposedly it operates just on the gas it
needs to run.  It has an air valve plate attached to the arm. 

A little Griffin #3.  The must have sold thousands of these.

Liberty -- this has an electrically heated coil in the throat for starting.

Sunderman -- square.  The intake has a plate that controls the mixture.
I've heard they run well but I've never tried it.

A Booty - This is the rarest of the rare.  It is an air valve type,
may be a prototype, it appears to never have been run

Air Friction -- these are pretty common

One of several carbs Rayfield made for the T.  These are fussy to get adjusted but do run well.

Swan -- this was the first of the heated manifolds.  They run very well.

Stromberg OF, the best all around T carb of all.


Zenith S4fb
These are a great carb and very popular for speedsters

U & J  not very economical on fuel but great performance

Mayer -- very nice small carb for all around driving.  Many of the manifolds have been
diverted to speedsters.

H & N This may be the only one in the world.  It has a variable venturi, adjustable with a thumb wheel
through the slots in the body.  It is missing the idle screw.

A big ugly Marvel

Stromberg RF

Shebler Model R

Miller Master.  They are supposed to be one of the best.  I've not had one running.

Accessory carburetors made for the Model T over the years.  According to some sources, there were over 100 different ones.  Most of these are from my collection but a few a photos I copied from Internet sites.  If you have an interesting carburetor mail me a photo and I'll add it to this page.

Below is a Stromberg RF  This is the carb that replaced the OF in 1925   

It is aluminum bodied and was most often painted a dark green.  They are an excellent carburetor, equally as good running as the OF but today are hard to find in restorable condition.  Because of the reaction between the Aluminum and brass parts they sometimes prove to be impossible to disassemble.  I can rebuild these but need to see the carb and see if I can get the idle screw out before I commit to a rebuild. 

Following are some pictures of a recently rebuilt RF

This is an RF that I recently rebuilt and powder coated in black. 

This is a U & J that I recently rebuilt and sold. 
They are wonderful carbs-especially for speedsters.
  I have one more just like it for sale.
This has a newly made float and modern needle and seat in it.  They run great but don't make great gas mileage.  They look really cool on a speedster and look good on just about any T.  You do have to make some linkage as the throttle shaft is horizontal and actuates up and down.  Once adjusted, these will handle about any conditions with no further adjustment.  Great Carb!!!

Nearly every one of these I have ever seen has a brass bowl that is cracked.  They were pretty thin and didn't hold up well.  A Holley G bowl looks like it will fit but doesn't without modification.  I machine the carb body a little and the bowl a little and it works much better.  I like the look of the Holley brass bowls on these but don't have any at the moment. 

This is a U & J Model F that I recently rebuilt for a customer in Texas.  They are a wonderful carburetor but like a lot of the accessory carbs, are hard to find parts for.  I had a NOS needle and seat and float, otherwise the float would have to be made from scratch.  

This is a Stromberg OE-1 recently rebuilt for a Model T Ford speedster project.  These are great carbs and just right for a "souped up" Model T engine.  While you see a lot of M-1's on speedsters, these are a better version of the Stromberg for them because they have the Economizer--which makes them idle far better.  They also have an accelerator well, which makes for smoother acceleration on quick throttle openings.  They are pretty readily available.     

This is a Rayfield that is a little different than other Rayfields I've seen.  This one runs very well but leaks gas.  The needle and seat was a problem in most of these old carbs.  It looks like this would have had a heat tube running to the exhaust manifold.  There are some pictures of this after restoration on another page. 

This is a Rayfield L2s from my collection.

The back side

View from the top.  Pretty complicated carb.  Probably used on a variety of cars -- just used different controls. 

Here is a Stromberg OX3 that I recently rebuilt for a customer in Calgary.  Beautiful carb, hard to find parts for.  The are a rare carb and only the second one I have seen. 

This is an AERO that I rebuilt for a customer from California.  It is a beautifully machined carb and one that is almost impossible to find.

This is a Mayer.  They are an interesting carb.  This one is restored and running and for sale.  It is one of the self regulating type, it has five little brass balls that raise off their seats to regulate the air flow and mixture.  Very well built, higher quality than many of the carbs are. 

This is a very rare one, it is a Bootie.  No one I know has ever seen another of these.  This is either new old stock or was run very little. 

Here are two Griffins, almost identical.  They were pretty popular in the day. 

This is a smaller version of a Griffin

This is a very rare H & N.  I've never seen another.  It has a variable, adjustable venturi. 

Here is a Harrington.  They were advertised in a lot of magazines and are pretty common today

This is a Kingston 4 ball from the Robb Wolff collection

A Liberty with an electric heating element designed to help cold weather starting. 

This is a Marvel.  Notice the odd manifold

Mayer, they used 5 little brass balls to control the mixture.  These run very well.

Neverfail.  These were advertised in every farm magazine of the day

This is a Rayfield.  I got this picture off the Internet.  I believe it is new old stock. 

Sunderman made these square carbs for many different cars.

This was about the same as a stock Ford carb.

Two very interesting Triple Mix carbs.  They are marked Patent Pending but I haven't been able to find anything about them.  They took exhaust heat and ran it through the carb to preheat the mixture. 

My favorite Speedster Carb, a U & J.  I recently acquired two new old stock ones of these.  They are for sale.  One has the correct original manifold, the other has a repro manifold

These must have been pretty popular as there are still quite a few around. 
It is a Wheeler Schebler. 
The choke tube is aluminum and is usually broken when I find them. 
This is a nice one.

This is a Model H Winfield.  A nice running carb and pretty rare. 

This is a Model M Winfield.  Usually the choke bell is broken off as that is a lot of Weight for the carb throat to carry. 

This is a Briscoe.  It was sold under many different names -- Nothing special about how it runs.

Here is an Ensign.  They made a lot of tractor carbs and advertised these in every farm magazine of the day.  I've never had this one on an engine -- don't know how it runs. 

This is one of several designs of Marvel.  They were a large company and made a carburetor for virtually every car of the day.  Buick used them as their factory carb for awhile in the teens

This is a Van Briggle.  Nothing special about it.  Just another
puddle of gas with the air flow going over it. 

Here is the accessory style of Zenith.  They run quite well but have a problem
with the pot metal venturi swelling and cracking over the years.  You can see
the cracks in this one in the access hole in the top. 

Below is the more expensive style of Zenith that provided an accessory manifold so various Zenith carburetors could be used.  These really gave performance depending on what carburetor was used.  There manifolds are reproduced in aluminum.  This is an original cast iron one.  I have restored and sold two of these, they are a great speedster carb. This one went to a collector in Texas, I finally managed to find another one which should be restored by Christmas 2011. 

Here is a picture of some of the shelves holding my collectible accessory carburetors.  These are the ones that are not on display stands so far and are only the design that mounts directly to a stock Ford manifold.  I'll add more pictures some time of the designs that have a purpose built manifold with the carburetor. 

These are a few of the carbs I have in stock for rebuilding. 


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