Rebuilding, buying & selling bronze era Stromberg Carburetors as well as most other brands of the teens & twenties.

Modern needle & seat conversions for all bronze Strombergs, Kingston 4 Ball, Zenith & others.
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Stromberg Model OF for Model T Ford, RF for Model T Ford,
LF for Model T Ford,
LB-1, LB-2, OE-1, OE-2, OS-1, OS-2, OX-2, MX-2, MX-3 & others including U & J, Kingston 4 & 5 ball,
Zenith, Rayfield AND MANY MORE!  

Stan Howe
Brass Carburetors
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June 23, 2017
As of June 30, 2017 I will be making some changes in my carburetor business.  I will not be taking in any new repair work to be completed before November 1, 2017.   I need to get caught up in the shop -- and have many other business and personal interests that also need my attention.  

After about 15 years of this, I still like doing the rebuilding and turning a piece of brass into a functioning part of an antique automobile, truck or tractor.  However, this is not a modern repair shop where there are parts on the shelf.  This is a restoration service which sometimes requires me to spend hours and hours to make one small part or tearing down half a dozen parts carbs to find one needed part.  It is very time consuming.  I also test run and adjust virtually every carburetor to make sure it will work as expected when delivered.  

I can not and do not promise any return dates.  You can request that I get your work done when you want it but that means someone else is waiting for theirs.  

If you need a carb rebuilt be aware that it will not be back on your schedule, it will be back when I can get it done.  I am still working on a back log from 2016 and earlier.

In 2016 I got 16 carburetors in from a museum and 7 others for rebuild in one week.  I have carburetors in museums and collections all over the world but make them wait like everybody else.  

 At this point I am caught up to where I have about 15 or 20 to get done and in the mail and I will be pretty much caught up.  I may or may not accept any more work at that point.  I am old, getting older every day and every year and like most people, I am not as healthy 40 years ago when I was 35 and could work all day and night day after day.  I also have three other businesses including owning one of Montana's largest auction companies and have a couple girls and a college age boy I am helping raise.  They and their activities interest me and I will continue to attend their school activities, play music together and spend time with them doing other things -- helping them rebuild their 1948 CJ2A Jeep, teaching them to drive, etc.  

I do not know of anyone else who does this work on brass carburetors so have no where else to send you. 

Also, be aware that I no longer work on ANY Model T Ford carburetors newer than the Holley G.  I do work on the early Holleys for pre-T and early T Fords, Kingston ball types and the Holley G's.  I started this business pretty much by accident when I bought a Model T with a Stromberg OF that leaked like a sieve but ran well.  I fixed it, sold the car, bought another OF, fixed it etc.  I have now done well over 1,000 of those and will continue to buy, rebuild and sell those as I have time.  (As some of you may know, I spent over 40 years following in my father and grandfathers' footsteps as a violin repairman and maker.  Another grandfather was a jeweler and they were all farmers so I grew up working on anything that needed fixing.)

In mid July I hope to have a list of carburetors for sale from my extensive inventory and collection. I have several hundred carburetors in stock as well as one of the more extensive Model T Ford Accessory Carburetor collections.  Pretty much everything is for sale. 

 If you wish to be notified send me an email at and I will notify you when it is available.  

If you have a carburetor here and do not wish to wait any longer let me know and I will either get it done and to you or send it back with your payment.   But do not call me, especially when you are drunk on a Sunday afternoon and start ranting at me.  I will not tolerate that. Period. A recent episode of that was the impetus for this change in my business and this notification.  

Thank you for 15 years of business.  However, please do not send me any carburetor without calling or emailing me and making sure we are on the same page for return times and that there will be extra charges for missing major parts, badly damaged castings, etc.  I also will no longer spend half a day disassembling a rusted, corroded, dented carburetor with missing and damaged parts and then have you tell me "The wife won't let me spend that much money on it, just send it back and I'll fix it myself"  and expect me to deliver it to your son that happens to be in Helena on a Sunday morning so you don't have to pay return shipping.  The law of the west is to check your purse before you order a round for the house.  That is what it will be here from now on.  I deal with customers and have plenty of work from people who are willing to pay for my time and expertise, I don't need that kind of people wasting my time.  

I regret that I can no longer spend hours on the phone or answering emails every day giving advice on carburetors - rebuilding - etc.  I will also no longer be buying much inventory.  Send me an email with photos if you wish but I may not be able to answer it as soon as you wish.  
Stan Howe, Helena, Montana. 406-949-3448  

Below is from earlier in 2017.  
I am back in the shop and working every day, rebuilding and selling carburetors.  I got a lot done over the winter but am ALWAYS behind.  I am working on the back log of repairs and for the most part, try to get them out in the order they came in.  This time of year I am getting a lot of work in so it will be some time before you get your carb back if you send it in.  I try to get orders out for carbs that are sold as soon as possible but have NO stock of rebuilts on the shelf ready to go, all the ones I rebuilt over the winter have already sold and either are gone or will be within a few weeks.  
New arrivals, special interest and rare carbs are on the SPECIAL CARBS FOR SALE tab, click it to see what I have. 
You can call me at 406-949-3448 or email me at  I try to answer every call as it comes in but you may have to leave me a message.  I will call you back as soon as possible and answer emails as soon as I can get a minute or two to do so.

Thank you for the support of this little one old man business.   

Thanks, Stan Howe

For permission to use photos in publications please contact me. Printed information on this site is not to be quoted in ebay ads or other sales venues without permission from me.  I have not in the past and do not not endorse any other repair facility.  

April 1, 2016

I am now back in the shop and have a good stock of OF's to rebuild -- should have several ready to go within the next two or three weeks.  Since I now have all the steel parts for the OF - which I had laser cut last year - OF's are much easier to rebuild.  The next project will be to have the accelerating venturi for the updraft Strombergs cast, then the choke inlets -- those will hopefully be done this coming year.  

I now have about 600 or more OF's on the road.  Some are ones I rebuilt for other people or ones I rebuilt and sold.  Probably most other models of Stromberg in addition to the OF's and many Zenith, Rayfield and other brands. Probably well over a couple thousand carbs total.  I don't keep track.  

I also have a pretty good stock of other Stromberg models that I can rebuild on order.  I usually have an OE-1 ready to go and quite often an OS-1.  I usually have two or three of these larger side drafts for those of you who are going to one of the new Rajo heads or want more flow on your T.  They run great on a "hopped up" engine. 

I recently rebuilt an OX3 for a car out of the Blackhawk collection in California.  The owner had taken it home after a loan period to the museum and couldn't get it to run correctly.  They sent the carb out for a rebuild and when it came back it still wouldn't run.  They sent it to me, I found a broken off "easy out" in the main jet and JB weld smeared all over the inside of the air intake -- trying to stop an accelerator well leak, I think.  I machined a new venturi tube for it, fixed the main jet and did the rest.  There are some pictures of it on another page.  There are also pictures of some OS-1's that I rebuilt as well as two Rayfield side draft carbs for Model T Fords.  Take a look at all the pages. 

I try to have carbs in stock and ready to rebuild but they are harder and harder to find in restorable condition and I am too busy to keep an actual inventory.  If you are looking for a specific model call or email and I will check.  

Please check the prices and information page for exact prices of various models.  
I now have reproduction parts for all the steel parts for the OF -- they are for sale as well as being used on my rebuilds as necessary.  They are powder coated in a medium gray color.  I also do some other upgrades on the OF, notice the 9/16 cap on the gas inlet to replace the slotted one that was originally used.  This carb also has a new float cover cap -- which I machine from brass stock.  

This carb is from 11-2015.


Below are some older photos of carbs I did then.  

JANUARY 24TH, 2010.


These are not for sale.  They were rebuild jobs and have been returned. 

Three rebuilt and ready to go.  Notice the difference between the designs.  The lower right has the "Gas cleaner," the other two do not.  The gas cleaner was the earlier of the two designs.  

This is a site dedicated to the Stromberg OF accessory carburetor built for the Model T Ford between 1919 & 1925.  However, I also rebuild other models of Stromberg carburetors as well as other brass carburetors of the same era. I can  rebuild most other models of bronze Stromberg carbs, I need to know the Model number or letter. I have done a lot of OE's, OX-2's, OS-1 & 2's and many others.

I offer rebuilding service, sales of rebuilt carburetors and also manufacture some replacement parts for them.  I manufacture a modern needle and seat set to replace the troublesome needle & seat used in most Stromberg carburetors of the era.  I also manufacture idle jets, sell gaskets and parts, etc.  I can manufacture a needle and seat conversion for virtually any brass era carburetor using a modern Viton tipped needle and brass seat.  I can machine new venturis for the Stromberg & Zenith carbs as well. 

I have well over 1000 carburetors now on the road giving satisfaction.  

I now have in production a needle and seat conversion set for the larger Stromberg carbs.  It comes as a kit and is easy to install, no need to remove the carburetor from the car.  Total time to install should be less than one hour from start to finish.

They are shown on page two.  Scoll down to the bottom of the page.

I have many other Stromberg carbs for sale as well as some duplicates from my Model T Accessory Carburetor collection. 

I do not rebuild Holly NH but do other early Model T carbs, -- the Holleys, Kingstons and other early brass -- the Kingston 4 Ball, U & J and some others.
See the prices and info page for details.

Please contact me at the address or phone below if you have any questions.  

Stan Howe
4433 Red Fox Dr
Helena, Mt 59602
406-949-3448 cell

Please click on the buttons above to see photos of some rebuilds and parts, click on the prices and information link to go to that page.

Here are some pictures of restorations .  Note the choke stop, this is a new part I am making as most of the old ones are rusted away.  


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